From Mohawks to Man Buns

“From Mohawks to Man Buns.” We all choose to express ourselves through the style of our hair. When we’re very young we haven’t got much choice, and often times our parents will dictate what is appropriate for us and what is not. As we grow older we begin to identify more with a specific hair style that we believe makes us look good. There are a few different ends of the spectrum. For males, it is obviously more common to keep a shorter, slicker, sharp cut that is defined and doesn’t go past the eyebrows.

Even with this you have to make some conscious decisions. A style that became popular recently for men is the angular fringe. This trend emerged from male models in 2014, and is created by tapering the sides of the hair, but keeping the top layer long and cut with an angle. Another style that has seen a boom in popularity is the side part. The hair must be at least four inches long to sweep it over, and although it appears quite time consuming to make happen, it truly isn’t, and is perfect for the guy who wants to take a few minutes to make his hair look the part.

This style is simple and easy yet refined. The all the way slicked back straight hairstyle, which actually had a lot of popularity in the 50s, has taken a new form and is currently on the comeback. I personally don’t find this look very appealing, guys with rounder faces have an easier time rocking it, but the new take can look a bit like the person has bed head. The final mention for men is the man bun! A style that has been around for the last decade, originally intended only to keep the hair out to the face of guys with long hair as an alternative to a bandana or hat, is now becoming extremely popular.

Man buns or “muns,” are very hit or miss. The hair has to be long enough and the bun has to be kept clean and tight. Women on the other hand, have a bit more hair to play around with, which make styling their hair more dynamic. After the demise of highlights in the past three years, babylights, which are a lighter, more sun kissed alternative to straight highlights are a much more natural looking, and summer friendly style.

Lily Collins recently popularized the pixie cut, a style that resembles fairies right out of a Disney animation, is often worn with the bangs longer than the side and back, and slicked to the side. I personally like this cut a lot because it’s refreshing. Girls have generally always had longer hair, and to see a lot of women take a stand against that is interesting as a cultural shift.

Not that we can be expecting every girl or even the majority to be chopping of their locks any time soon, but I do think hairstyle is becoming much more progressive among young women. These are only a few of the top hairstyles in 2015, and as summer surfaces we should expect to see many more!