Short hairstyles for women

Many women across the world pay much attention to their hair because of the important role it plays in enhancing their overall body image. Women are therefore forced to dedicate significant amounts of their resources (in terms of money and time), in good hairstyles, so that they can appear attractive to not only men, but also to their fellow women.
Short hair styles are increasingly becoming popular among women because of various reasons, such as; ease of styling and maintenance, affordability and changing trends, among other factors.
The following are some of the most popular short hairstyles for women;
The Alexandra
This is a unique, asymmetric hair style that features geometric lines which draw attention to the forehead and chin. It is popular among women who have faces that are oval in shape.
When setting a woman’s hair into the Alexandra style, the hair is first made damp by applying a suitable styling product (e.g. Try Gloss Drops). A styling brush is then used to blow-dry the hair, before it’s further smoothened using a flat iron. Finally, a serum is applied to make it shiny.
The hairstyle is appropriate for women who have hair that has medium density and texture.
Cost: $ 20 (USD)
The Abigail
This is a short hair style that is recommended for women who have oval-shaped faces, and hair that is medium in density.
The hair style consists of soft waves, and is short at the back. However, it is relatively longer at the front of the head, hence giving the woman’s face a beautiful appearance.
Cost: $ 22 (USD)
The Alice
This is a popular hairstyle that makes the women appear beautiful and irresistible. It consists of a feathery finish, and is usually quite easy to style and maintain. It is popular among women who have oval-shaped faces, and above 50 years of age. It makes them appear young, classy and stylish.
Cost: $25 (USD)
The Scarlett
The Scarlett is a short hair style that is most suitable for women with wide faces, because it makes their faces appear less wide. It’s appropriate for hair that has fine texture and medium density.
The following are steps which are followed when making hair into the Scarlett style;
The hair is made damp by applying a styling product. It is then blow-dried using a round brush. The crown area is thereafter teased using a fine-tooth comb. The style is finally set with a hair spray. Cost:
$ 20(USD)
The Penelope
This is a hair style that consists of short, graceful layers that reach just above the neck. It is suitable for women who have round-shaped faces, because it makes the women appear beautiful, neat and youthful.
The hair style also consists of centre-parted weaves that gently kiss the woman’s cheeks. The subtle caramel highlights bring out the woman’s beautiful facial features, giving her a refreshing appearance.
Cost: $ 25 (USD)
The Emma
The Emma is an asymmetric short hair style that is suitable for hair that is thick and naturally curly. It is recommended for women with wide faces, because the style makes their (faces) appear narrow, hence enhancing their beauty.
During the styling process, the hair is first dampened to make it soft, before its dried using a blow drier.
Finally, pomade is scrunched into the hair. It makes women who are in their fifties look younger. This hair style is relatively easy to maintain.
Cost: $ 20 (USD)
The Lillian
This is a unique hair style that consists of soft waves and thin ribbons that compliment green eyes, and is most appropriate for women with round-shaped faces. The hair softly caresses the woman’s forehead, giving her a professional look.
This hairstyle is popular among professional women, because it compliments suits and other office wear.
The Lillian hairstyle makes a woman appear professional, beautiful and youthful.
Cost: $ 27 (USD).