The Buzz on Short Hairstyles

It’s not a new idea for women to cut their hair short. It shows off the face more and shows a woman’s confidence because she’s not relying on her long hair to make her look good. Not to mention how much cooler it keeps your head in the summer. Though it’s not a new idea, some new trends are happening in short hairstyles for women.
The classic pixie cut will never go out of style. It’s a classy and understated style that reads as sophisticated. Lately, there has been an update to the classic pixie by styling it into a spikier or fauxhawk look. This update is edgier and bolder. It’s not for the faint hearted girl, or the girl who hates styling her hair as it does require a substantial amount of work to get just right. For girls with natural hair, this style looks especially striking.
Another trend in hairstyles for 2015 is the asymmetrical look. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, with varying degrees of severity. The most subtle asymmetrical style is with a bob cut. The asymmetrical bob can range from a very slight difference in length between the front and back to a more extreme difference. The only limit is woman’s boldness. Another huge trend in asymmetrical hair cuts is the undercut. Undercuts used to be just for men, but not anymore. Girls are sporting the new look everywhere and in every form. Stars like Natalie Dormer are strutting the red carpet with one half of their hair long and the other militarily short. The longer the hair the more dramatic the effect. The best part about this look is that the drama is built in. You don’t have to do any styling other than brushing your hair to achieve the effect. Other forms of the undercut feature both sides shaved close, leaving the center of the head with longer hair. This is usually styled into a fauxhawk or updo. Yet another variation is the true undercut. The lower layers of hair are shaved close, usually give the hair a sense of volume in the back despite the lack of hair.
The bob isn’t just asymmetrical this year. It’s also being worn by women with curlier hair. Curly haired women have a harder time with styled looks because most don’t look that great with curly hair, but the bob is different. This style brings the best of both the bob and curls together to create a gorgeous and feminine look. Girls can really show off their curls with this lighter hairstyle because it takes the weight off of the hair and allows it curl more than long hair is able. This cut also works well for women with wavy, but not curly hair, as well. The wave gives the bob cut a beachy look that’s especially great for summer.
There are a lot of options when it comes to short hairstyles for women. Women are sporting everything from the ever classy pixie cut to the razor edgy undercut. No matter what your personal style is there is a short hairstyle that will suit you and your hair type perfectly.