Types of Short Hairstyles for Women with Recommended Styling Sprays

As much as your wardrobe requires a regular update with gorgeous and elegant dresses, so does your hair. There are probably a thousand plus different hairstyles for women to choose from. Short hairstyles for women are particular grown of interest lately as they look more contemporary and elegant, yet easy to apply. To get you going with your hair style choices, here are a few descriptions of some of the most gorgeous short hairstyles.
Scarlett is a women’s short hairstyle with some length of hair left on top and some fringing on the forehead region. It is a simple style to apply, only requiring application of some of the styling products to make the hair damp enough. The hair is then blow dried using a round brush and teasing done at the crown region with a comb. The Scarlett style is then set with a hairspray. This style best suits women with wide faces.
Alexandra short hairstyle is suitable for drawing some attention to certain parts of your face. It’s an asymmetric style that features lines resembling those of a geometric drawing. It can be done by applying styling product and blow drying the hair using a styling brush to a smooth finish. Some sections of the hair are then flat ironed and a shine serum applied. It is best suited for oval faced women with a medium density and texture of hair.
Alice hair style is kind of longer at the rear side than the front side, giving the rear part a heavier weight that allows hair to pull backwards naturally. A little hair length is left around the nape region to produce a kind of attractive, wispy and feminine appearance. You can achieve this hair style by applying a styling product and blow drying using the fingers. Detailing is then done using a flat iron and the style is set with a hair spray.
This style will fit you well if you happen to have a heart shaped kind of face with a fine density and texture of hair.
For a naturally curling hair, you might want to consider Penelope short hair style. The rear side is graduated while the sides are slightly trimmed to give the hair its best curls. You can achieve this style by applying your styling product to dampen the hair. Air drying then follows. Diffusing the hair can also be done instead of air drying. A pomade is then scrunched into the hair. There are actually many more hairstyles for women suitable for any age, it’s just a matter of selecting the style that best fits your face shape.
The different short hair styles for women may require a number of styling products. For instance as in the case of Scarlett hair style, the most recommended styling product mostly used is Extra Body Scalping Foam.
It gives the hair a fine natural look. Alexandra hairstyle can best be achieved using Try Gloss Drops which gives the hair a glassy and sleek appearance
Alice can best be applied using the styling product, Hold Me Tight. It is a hair spray with lots of flexibility, giving the hair a prolonged hold without a brittle look. Twirl Around is a great styling product for Penelope short hair style for women. It is gives the hair the perfect moisture amount and retains it for longer which maintains the curly Penelope.
Many more styling products are available from online stores with varying prices, depending on the store and quality of the product. Twirl Around for instance can be purchased at $19.50 while Hold Me Tight is available at $7. 25